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Refunds & Cancellations policy

Refunds & Cancellations policy

Our policy for cancellations and refunds is in line with our commitment to providing the highest quality service.


We divide each project into milestones.


A scope of work document is created at the beginning of each project following a thorough discovery/analysis. We do this to ensure both parties have a clear understanding of the work required and thus eliminate the possibility of project cancellations, reversals, or disputes.


Because each milestone must be achieved and each module must be completed, there can be no refunds for work that has already been done.


Any payments made for future development will be void if a project is terminated on a mutual basis. Deposits and payments will not be refunded.


Partial refunds are not eligible for projects in the middle of a milestone phase.


Our marketing team does not accept cancellations for services provided on special occasions. These limited time offers cannot be canceled.


Digital marketing and SEO packages are not refundable, but a client may cancel with a 30 day written notice.


If a project is abandoned or goes dormant for more than 30 days, we do not offer a refund of deposits or payments.

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